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Welcome to Sea Winds
I established Sea Winds in 2011. I build museum quality ships in bottles in the old way-the ancient mariner's art.  To further authenticate my creations, I use blueprints from the Smithsonian or from historical nautical sources. Ships are built to scale, shown in the bottle that best displays the beauty of them in the wind-tossed or in becalmed seas. With each creation comes a history placed under the hardwood base, encased in parchment, and numbered then signed by the artist.
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Ships in Bottles
All types of sailing ships
Museum Quality
Baltimore topsail schooners, China tea clippers,
brigs, brigantines, frigates, sloops of war, privateers,
Spanish galleons, pirate ships,Viking ships,
whaling ships, coastal schooners.

If your looking for a special gift,
one of these unique musem quality
ships would be just perfect.