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About Sea Winds
Committed to giving my customers top quality  ships-
 Sea Winds was started because I always had an intense interest in sailing ships and how to place them in bottles. Twenty seven years ago I became interested in China Tea clippers. The more I read, the more questions I had; what were their cargos, what were their histories and who were the men 
that sailed them? China Tea Clippers needed no defensive cannons because of their speed. Clean
free energy, what a fascinating way to move important cargos from port to port around the world! As I moved through the research, I gained respect and appreciation for the men and the ships they sailed. As I studied history of sailing ships, I began to understand their importance and how they shaped our lives. To remember a ship, sailors would build a model and carefully place them in a bottle, thus preserving a ship model from the elements. This intrigued me. I was hooked for life and had to learn how to master this nautical art form.
      Creating each ship is a detailed work of art that requires anywhere from forty to eighty hours to complete. Every ship is a uniquely finished piece of artwork. This is due to the sail configuration and condition of the sea. Sometimes changes made by the Captain, such as adding or reducing sails, or painting the same ship a different color. So you can see how varied a single ship could look. My ships are very detailed, museum quality models, placed in just the right bottle and come complete with a hand made hardwood stand, and finished off with a Turk's head knot. Each ship has a history with my watermark in the backgound, art ID number located on the cork or stopper with my signature, and instructions on how to care for your ship-in-a-bottle.
     These historical and accurate ships in bottles are wonderful gifts that can be handed down from one generation to the next, for years of enjoyment. Currently I'm an active member of SIBAA (Ships-
in- bottles Association of America) since 2010 and have several articles published in our Journal of the Ships-in-Bottles Association of America. If you are interested in acquiring one of these ships or have a custom request you can contact me at  or  480-620-8281.
Sea Winds is located at the base of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona​

May you always have fair winds!                   
                                                                                                                              Joseph M Yarina

Viking knarr Raven Wave 810 A.D.
art I.D.30126  Sold
USNS General Hodges T-AP144
Joseph M Yarina at the helem
Privateer Midas 1813