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Sea Winds Gallery
 Some examples of my ships in bottles, please enjoy!
​ Prices range from $450.00 to $850.00, dosen't include shipping.
Ariel 1865 China Tea Clipper art I.D. 30117
Bermuda Sloop Revenge 1717 Captain Black Beard art I.D. 30102
Marion Sprague 1889 costal schooner
​art I.D. 30116
Santa Barbola 1567Spanish Galleon
art I.D.30104
Prince de Neufchutel 1812 topsail
schooner privateer art I.D. 30114
Thermopylae 1868 China Tea clipper
art I.D. 30121
Thermopylae 1868  complete
 and ready to be placed in bottle.
Nonsuch 1801 privateer topsail schooner
art I.D. 30119